Bro. Willie Muhammad

Brother Willie Muhammad is a New Orleans native. He is a graduate of Walter L. Cohen High School and Xavier University. He has taught in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge public schools systems. In addition to his community leadership endeavors he also is a high school teacher.

Brother Muhammad’s has a history that shows his level of commitment to his community. As a result of his commitment and steadfastness, he is often called upon to address various audiences at high schools, college, churches, mosques, correctional facilities and other community events.

Some of his accomplishments include:

• 2003 he was appointed as the Student Minister of Muhammad Mosque #46 by the Honorable Louis Farrakhan.

• In 2009 founded the New Orleans Chapter of the Peace Keepers, which is a diverse group
of men who spend one hour every Saturday canvassing the violent neighborhoods in the
city 2011 Brother Muhammad launched the, “Squash the Beef Hotline. This initiative is a
conflict resolution service where members of the Peace Keepers serve as mediators
between rivals. As of date the Peace Keepers have successfully resolved 30 conflicts
which ranged from simple misunderstandings, fights, threats made against persons life to
actual gun violence.

• In 2014 he organized the 1,000 Man March in the city of New Orleans.

• In 2015 he was highlighted in the Secondline Education Blog

Selected as a 2015 Data News Weekly Trailblazer

Brother Muhammad said that out of all of his accomplishments, his two greatest are being a committed husband and father to his family.

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