Dr. Rema Vassar

Dr. Rema is a former K-12 public school teacher, counselor, and administrator. She currently organizes parents for the improvement of student achievement in various schools and teaches Educational Leadership to aspiring school administrators. Dr. Rema’s research is centered in urban schools serving culturally diverse students and families. Specifically, Rema examines issues of parent engagement as they relate to Black families and student achievement and the roles educators and students play in creating social change through community and civic development. Her forthcoming book focuses on engaging underrepresented parents in schools and provides practical guides and strategies for both parents and school officials.

Committed to every student learning, Dr. Rema has worked as a consultant for a number of school districts across the country, equipping educators with reflexive practices that allow them to take deliberate action and increase equity and access for all students. With a focus on developing servant leaders, Dr. Reynolds has also taught and presented at professional conferences throughout the United States and in over 20 countries. She consistently builds with underserved communities, giving away free college for the liberation and agency of the most marginalized. In addition to keeping it real in every space, Dr. Rema is known for her love for the people and her desire to actualize the collective power of the people. Knowledge is power. Power is freedom. Dr. Rema wants us all to get free.

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