Lester Love

He’s been crowned “The Voice of Hope” by many and this title is fitting of Lester Love is the Pastor of The City of Love. He possesses leadership skills and is widely recognized for his ability to organize a team of people, energize them to accomplish any challenges that are set before them, and provide them with strategies for implementation. Bishop Love serves as the the Executive Secretary the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.

Bishop Love has published several books including his latest books Whatever It Takes, Synergy, Catching the Mantle and The Art of Armor Bearing: God’s Blueprint for Effective Servanthood which quickly became the “how to” book for leadership and excellence in service for churches and corporations.

His many talents also include singing. He was the featured soloist on the CD “Where Love Abides,” which won The Big Easy Award (New Orleans version of the Grammys) for Best Gospel Artist. He has also garnered national attention for his You Tube “Love Songs” clip, which has millions of views.

He also has served as the host of the Essence Music Festival Gospel Tribute for several years. He is the host of the weekly “Spreading Love” radio show on WBOK.

Bishop Love and his wife Fran are the proud parents of three girls, Joy, Faith and Angel Love.

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